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Outdoor Product Innovations

Here at Outdoor Product Innovations, we pride ourselves in making top quality, premium products for hunting, fishing and outdoor industries. Innovative design and durability are two key components in each and every one of our product lines. From game feeders to ground blinds, tent stakes to tree stands, we have it all. Quality products combined with top-notch customer service has been, and always will be, our recipe for success. We here at OPI are ready to make your outdoor experience safer, more enjoyable, and more successful.

Rhino Blinds
Rhino Blinds hunting ground blinds are the perfect addition to any hunt. Whether you’re a first-timer or an avid hunter, we have a blind to fit your needs. Rhino Blinds come in many sizes and window configurations, and are available in all your favorite camo patterns. Set up and takedown is a breeze with our durable rod and hub systems, and replacement parts are always in stock and available. Innovative design and durability, backed with top-notch customer service is what makes Rhino Blinds "America’s Favorite Ground Blind."
Big Dog Hunting
Since 2005, Big Dog Hunting has been a leader in the tree stand industry. We focus on safety and comfort with a strong commitment to value. Backed by impeccable customer service, we offer a tree stand for any hunter’s needs. Big Dog products are tested to TMA and NSTM safety standards, and are trusted by industry experts all across North America. With Big Dog treestands, you can be confident and comfortable all season long.
Capsule Feeders
Capsule Game Feeders are the problem-solving alternative to traditional gravity feeders, tripod feeders, and other game feeder kits. The rugged, rotomolded capsule design rest firmly on the ground, and is durable enough to withstand all the forces of nature. Our patented, auger driven technology brings feed from the ground up, making it virtually impossible for unwanted varmints to manipulate your feed. With no ladders to climb, filling our feeders will be the easiest and safest part of your day. Keep your feet on the ground with Capsule Game Feeders!
Outpost Feeders
Outpost Feeders are perfect for hunters on the move. Our patented, cylinder shape design blends in seamlessly with trees and other foliage, and is lightweight for quick and easy transportation. We offer broadcast and gravity fed feeders, both made of durable rotomolded plastic that can withstand all the forces of mother nature. Holding up to 20 lbs of feed and weighing only 5 lbs when empty, Outpost Feeders can go everywhere you go.
The LiDCAM is a hands-free, high definition action camera that clips to the bill of any baseball cap. Filming in 1080p HD, the LiDCAM is the perfect way to record any of your favorite outdoor memories. With built in LED lights, the LiDCAM can easily go from an action camera to a hands-free flashlight. WiFi connectivity can turn your smartphone into a wireless controller, allowing you to preview shots, save and delete clips, and start/stop recording. Get the shot every time with the LiDCAM line of action cameras!
The LegCuff is an easy-to-use deer drag and turkey tote system made right here in the USA. The self-locking design is durable and backed by a lifetime guarantee. The built-in handle is large enough for two hands, and can also be attached to the hitch of your truck or ATV. Available in multiple sizes, the LegCuff will make dragging your deer or turkey easier than ever.